Advance 4659 1940s Honeymoon Suit Pattern Size 11 Bust 29 Shirley Temple Photoplay Magazine Page Womens Vintage Sewing Pattern



Advance 4659  Honeymoon Suit РSkirt, Overblouse with ruffled collar and cuffs, Jacket
Size 11 – Bust 29 – Waist 24 1/2 – Hip 32


Dress like a star… Make the dress Shirley Temple worn in RKO”s “Honeymoon” created by studio designer Edward Stevenson.


The following is from advertisement in photo: “Its charming young dignity makes it a wearable fashion for business, school or dates…And there is no end to the variations you can plan with collar and cuffs.”


UNprinted pattern is pre-cut and complete. Envelope is tattered,aged and open on both sides. Name is written on the Photoplay page.

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