Simplicity 7667 Toddlers Vintage Sewing Pattern 1960s Jiffy Blouse Pants and Shorts Size 2 Breast 21



Simplicity 7667  Simple to Sew Toddlers Jiffy Overblouse, Pants and Shorts: The sleeveless and collarless overblouse has slightly lowered round neckline and back zipper. V. 1 has rick-rack trim. V. 2 has sectioned patch pocket. The pants V. 1 and shorts V. 2 and 3 have elastic waistline casing. V. 1 overblouse contrasts pants. V. 2 overblouse contrasts pocket and shorts. V. 3 blouse and shorts have embroidered eyelet edging trim.


Size 2

Breast 21

Waist 20

Coyright 1968


This pattenr is cot and compelte.  PLEASE NOTE: The Overblouse Front piece as a i inch edge-tear.  The envelope has tattering.


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