A Stitch in Pine 301 1980s German Kitty Soft Toy Cat and Mouse Vintage Craft Sewing Stuffed Animal Pattern 21 Inch Karen Rae Katze Uncut


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Karen Rae Katze (My German Kitty) SP301 Copyright 1988 – A Stitch in Pine This 21 inch dressed-up kitty with her litle gray mouse is certain to delight any cat lover or doll enthusiast with her playful charm. Two views are offered, or combine the looks for a kitty that is uniquely your own.

View A(Kitty with mouse – seen holding on side of chair, basket of flowers, long sleeves, sisal hair, button eyes.)

View B (Kitty which holds nothing to paws, has short sleeves, yarn hair, "X" eyes, and ribbon bows.)