Simplicity 7727 Designer Abbies Jiffy 6 Pack Window Treatment Pattern Guide



Abbie’s Jiffy 6 Pack curtains are planned for standard double-hung windows 36″ in width. The curtains may be adapted to other window sizes, but require careful measuring. Simple formulas are used to customize window treatments.

Simplicity 7727  Abbies 6 Pack Windows Treatment Pattern
Copyright 1992


View 1 – Pouf Valance
View 2 – Double Pouf Valance
View 3 – Pouf Valance with Eyelet Underlay
View 4 – Pouf Valance with Bishop Panels
View 5 – Pouf Valance with Double Tailored Panels and Tie Backs
View 6 – One Piece Swag with Double Pouf Valance and Tailored Panels


As a bonus, included is the tissue you’ll need to stuff your valances and Bishop panels to help keep them from sagging.






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